Breathing Assessment

An initial assessment, lasting up to 1 hour and including a case history breathing questionnaire, clinical examination and assessment by capnography will allow me to ascertain if you are a good breather or indeed, more likely, that you have a breathing pattern disorder.  People who don’t breathe well fall into 2 groups; the first is intermittent over breathing, which tends to be triggered in certain situations, the second is chronic over breathing, which is generally a long established poor breathing pattern and often needs intensive breathing re-training with a capnometer.

If I decide that biofeedback via the capnotrainer is necessary this usually involves at least 4, 45-minute combo-sessions, spaced weekly, which will include use of the capnotrainer and osteopathic manual treatment.

This often needs to be done in conjunction with some homework or personal capnotraining. Breathing re-education works very well with meditation, learning how to quieten the mind will often have a much faster effect.  Occasionally it may be necessary for the patient, especially if anxiety is a major part of their problem, to also be seen by Dr Brian Roet, an excellent hypnotherapist whom I have worked with for the past 23 years and who also works at The Health Equation.

Capnotraining Package prices:

Initial Breathing Behaviour Evaluation 60 minutes £210 in London and £140 in Amersham

Treatment Packages:

Level 1- £575 in London and £380 in Amersham

4 Combo-sessions @45 minutes (Capnotraining and Osteopathic manual treatment)

Level 2- £875 in London only

4 Combo-sessions @45 minutes (Capnotraining and Osteopathic manual treatment)

2 Consultations with Dr Brian Roet

Purchasing a capnotrainer POA

Leasing a capnotrainer POA

5 personal capnotrainer biofeedback sessions 25 minutes self use paid in advance £175 in London and Amersham.

Please call Kerry O’Gorman, my PA on +44 (0)20 7631 1414 or by email, to book your initial breathing assessment.

Mr. Gerry Gajadharsingh DO
Diagnostic Consultant-Complementary Medicine
Advanced Breath Practitioner- Lifelogix Inc.

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