Dr Brian Roet MBBS

Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist

We have the innate abilities to heal ourselves; what we require is the necessary support to help us connect to these abilities.

Dr Brian Roet has over forty years of experience in treating patients with stress related problems. Over these years he has learnt many ways to help his patients understand and control the emotions that are causing their problems. He uses techniques that improve relaxation, alter attitudes, change restrictive beliefs and help patients see their problems from a different perspective. By learning about the process which is causing trouble, people learn ways to resolve conflicts and ultimately feel much better. Gerry and Brian met over 30 years ago whilst working at a Gynaecology practice in central London. They have been friends and colleagues since, working collaboratively in clinical practice and teaching. ¬†Over the years Gerry has referred many hundreds of patients for Brian’s expert support for help with some of his complex patients.

Professional Registration Body: The National Council of Psychotherapy and The National Council of Hypnotherapy

Making an appointment

Although Brian was part of The Health Equation team for many years he now works from his practice in Putney in South West London and occasionally from his home in New Malden, please email susieg@thehealthequation.co.uk
with your contact details and she will forward them to Brian who will contact you directly to make an appointment to see him in Putney.