Exercise and Rehabilitation

Exercise Assessment

An exercise assessment will identify postural dysfunction and faulty bio-mechanics. Core and spinal function are also assessed so that the patient can obtain an exercise program specific to their needs and goals. Many patients presenting to The Health Equation with musculoskeletal dysfunction (MSD) will unfortunately have injured themselves whilst doing exercise. We think exercise prescription is quite specialized and ideally would like to guide patients on appropriate exercise regiemes before the return to sport or their own personal trainers/exercise routines to minimize the risk of injury reoccurance.

We currently use an affiliated Exercise Specialist, based in London’s West End for specific Exercise assessment or Personal Training.

Pilates and Yoga

Whilst we do not currently offer specific Pilates & Yoga classes at The Health Equation, we consider these to be generally safe forms of exercise, as long as your teacher is experienced and teaches 1 to 1 or at least in small classes, where you can receive adequate attention.

Pre and Post Operative Exercise and Rehabilitation

Going through a surgical procedure is a difficult experience for your body.

The team at The Health Equation can help you through the process by working with you in preparing your body for surgery.

There are specific exercises that should be done before and after surgery to balance and then strengthen your muscles and joints, so that they can cope with the stress of surgery.

In many cases (mainly degenerative conditions), a specifically designed exercise plan can even prevent the need for immediate surgery.

For at least 21 years, I have been going to Mr Gerry Gajadharsingh on a consultation and natural treatment basis mainly for a problem with my back, spine and neck. Sometimes, on arrival for my appointment, I might be very bent over then after treatment able to walk out straight as an arrow. The treatment might be followed by one or two visits, or none. During these years, I have usually visited Mr Gerry Gajadharsingh, at The Health Equation, on average once or twice every 18 months, or so, with very satisfactory results. I have had total confidence in his treatment from my very first visit, and indeed have recommended him to many other patients over the years. I cannot speak highly enough of this practice.
Ms. Valerie Scriven, London