Expectant Mothers

Expectant Mothers make up about 20% of our general practice at The Health Equation, most referred by some of London’s most experienced Obstetricians.

Pregnancy is a wonderful life-changing event. It is exciting yet often tinged with anxiety but it is a natural process and entirely normal. However, every pregnant woman will realise that changes are occurring, both subtle and not so subtle, in her body. These can include

  • alteration in hormones
  • changes in posture
  • unusual sensations
  • change in physiology
  • fatigue
  • sensitized emotions

The challenges of pregnancy are even more profound if you have had difficulty conceiving, had a previous miscarriage or undergone assisted conception.

Anxiety levels are raised, breathing patterns change, and commonly women develop symptoms and want answers.

Learning a more relaxed pattern of breathing through capnotraining and achieving a better balance through the autonomic nervous system, measured by Heart Rate Variability can be really helpful.

Pain at some stage in pregnancy is very common, particularly lower back, pelvic and ribcage pain. Thankfully, the majority of time, the cause is a benign process and sometimes self-limiting. If it is not, then you need to seek help.

Understandably there is a limit to the type of diagnostic investigations that are used in pregnancy, and of course limited treatment. Pharmaceuticals are mostly contraindicated, but luckily interventions such as Osteopathy have an enviably safety record and many conditions improve with gentle Osteopathic intervention.

Obstetricians are increasingly referring expectant mothers to experienced Osteopaths for diagnosis and treatment intervention, with excellent outcomes.

Often, explaining the cause of the problem and offering a solution will make a great difference to the problem the expectant mother is experiencing. There is some research to show that regular Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy leads to less complications during the birth process.

Mr Gerry Gajadharsingh D.O. offers assessment and appropriate treatment to expectant mothers.

I have always referred my patients with musculo-skeletal issues during pregnancy to Gerry as he manages them with the utmost care and respect, cognisant of their pregnancy complications. I have heard nothing but praise for his practical skills and caring nature to solving their problems.
Professor T. G. Teoh
Gerry is a meticulous clinician. He assesses patients in a holistic way that others simply don’t do. Because of this his results are excellent. He goes the extra mile and leaves no stone unturned. I’m very glad that I met him and so are my patients.
Dr Stephanie Goodwin, MBCHB MRCGP DRCOG DOCCMED MIPM, Private Physician