Health Screening

Many people are reactive to their health concerns, which is understandable.They develop symptoms which lead them to seek help, obtain a diagnosis and the right treatment intervention. However increasing numbers of patients are realising that it may pay to be more proactive.

An annual health screen, performed by an experienced clinician, may not only pick up problems that need medical intervention, but may also actively encourage the patient to look at reducing the risk of developing actual pathology by assessing functional disturbance, much of which is influenced by lifestyle (stress/anxiety, poor nutritional choices, poor neuromuscular function, lack of appropriate exercise, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs).

The Health Equation offers two comprehensive health screening and prevention procedures: the Individual Health Screen and the Integrated Health Screen.

Health Screening at The Health Equation 2020

I have been a patient of Gerry’s for several years for a variety of health issues. On each occasion I have been impressed with his thorough grasp and holistic understanding of the particular issue I am describing. He has an amazing ability to get to the cause of any problem together with an in depth knowledge of strategies, both complementary and conventional to tackle these. The results have been staggering. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Gerry to anyone wishing to get to the heart of any health issue they may have.
Liz Pinder-Ayres, Brighton
Gerry has mended my body and mind many, many times over the last 25 years. I first went to him to piece me together following a horse racing fall with the instruction to “get me back on a horse as soon as possible”. His practical, no fuss approach, suited my needs at the time and he did just what I asked, very effectively. My needs and his practice have developed a long way since then, but his ability to diagnose and find the right treatment is second to none. I always feel better following a session with Gerry and, if I have a friend in pain, whatever the condition, Gerry is the first person I recommend they go and see.
Mr. John Sunnucks, Dorset
Gerry, the truth is that you have been highly instrumental in keeping me upright and active over the years, and it has been fantastic to have someone who understands my condition(s) so well that I do not have to say anything…just lie there, and under your expert guidance, just get better…!
Mr. William Van Straubenze , London
I have found Gerry to be understanding and expert in his treatment of me over many years. He has demonstrated not just a technical expertise but a personal understanding of the human nature of a patient- consultant relationship in which he excels and which is so rare. I have no hesitation in
recommending him.
Adam Shaw