Metabolic Balance (Nutrition)

Nutritional therapy is not just about weight loss and post holiday detoxification! Research is increasingly recognising that food has a value which stretches far beyond its caloric figure.

Through nutrition and lifestyle choices, we can support all major systems of the body (such as the reproductive, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, immune, cardiovascular systems), with the aim of maintaining optimum health, energy, stable blood sugar levels and psychological wellbeing.

There is increasing evidence to show that lifestyle factors play an important part in the physiology of both the body and the mind. For example chronic ongoing stress can have an impact on the adrenal glands and can cause increased utilisation of important micro-nutrients such as B Vitamins and Magnesium. The usual culprits such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine (not to mention pharmaceutical and recreational drugs) again will have quite an impact on micro-nutrient levels.

Adopting a balanced, varied diet will usually have a positive impact on many of the health care problems that we see. For some patients basic advice will be enough, for others more detailed evaluation may be needed, incorporating functional nutritional testing.

We are all individuals, with our own physiologies, therefore our nutritional requirements can differ.

At The Health Equation we offer a unique individualised nutritional programme, Metabolic Balance, for appropriate patients, and one of the many benefits of this programme is optimising body weight.

Mr Gerry Gajadharsingh DO provides the  6 month Metabolic Balance Individualised Nutritional Programme at The Health Equation. This includes the 1 MBR blood test, Functional Blood Analysis, 7 follow up consultations, follow up 1 MBR blood test and repeat Functional Blood Analysis.

The Management of Metabolic Syndrome 2019

The patient who’s data is provided anonymised in the above document has kindly consented for us to share this in order to help other patients with metabolic syndrome including Type 11 diabetes

Metabolic Balance at The Health Equation PDF Brochure offered by Gerry Gajadharsingh

I decided to investigate the metabolic balance® programme for 2 reasons: to lose some weight, in an effective and healthy way, and to find practical ways to boost my immune system, following a brush with cancer. On the recommendation of a friend, I came to The Health Equation to see Gerry Gajadharsingh, and together we worked out a programme for me that I have used very happily and successfully ever since.
Ms. Patricia Begg, Sussex