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Ms Monica Kranner


Born and raised in Vienna, in heart of the capital, studied in Germany, Monica Kranner has worked in the healthcare industry since 1996.

Monica has a dynamic approach to health and nutrition in that she not only sees her clients on site at the clinic, but also provides outreach, traveling to client homes, assisting in food shopping and preparation, and providing nutritional advice and evaluation. She also works with client GPs to provide the best nutrition plan for her clients.

Monica Kranner is a leading nutrition and Metabolic Balance® coach with expertise in the following areas:

–        Weight management (gaining or losing weight)
–        Metabolic disorders
–        Food cravings
–        Gastro-intestinal and digestion issues

Monica provides a professional and confidential service that suits the individual needs of her international clientele, from politicians to executives, actors to athletes and students to busy parents. She has practices in London and Vienna. She is the inventor of the award winning Food Project 2013.

In addition to Nutrition Monica also offers:

–        Metabolic Balance® individual Diet based on your blood results     
–        Food shopping: information and advice
        Cooking courses
        Catering plans
        Nutritional support for individuals, groups and organisations to prevent             stress overload and burnout
       Tisanoreica®, the Mediterranean Diet

Monica diary is available in Wimpole Street on Monday and Friday afternoons monthly.
Follow up consultations can be carried by Skype/Facetime