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Fertility Prices and Procedures

Costs of the Diagnostic & Treatment Protocols

Diagnostic Consultation, diagnostic tests, follow up consultation and comprehensive written report – £2,190 Package Price payable at the time of consultation.

For your information

The Individual Component prices are

Questionnaire Analysis= FOC

60 minute Diagnostic consultation £250 *2 = £500

EQ2 Female Pre-selection Blood Tests £160

EQ14 Female Sub-fertility Panel £410

Trans Vaginal Pelvic Ultrasound – £225

EQ12 Male Pre-selection Blood Tests & Comprehensive Sperm Analysis £275

EQ 13 Male Sub-fertility Panel Blood Tests & Sperm DNA Fragmentation £640

Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Test £97 each for both male and female

30 minute Follow Up consultation and Comprehensive Written Report report £330

Total cost of each diagnostic component if purchased individually is £2,734 so the diagnostic package is a 20% reduction on our normal prices

The tests which the Female Pre-selection & Sub-fertility Panel contains are:

EQ2 (Haematology & Biochemistry)

Magnesium (Whole Blood)
Zinc (Whole Blood)
Antioxidant status (total activity not profile)
FSH (Day 3-6)
LH (Day 3-6)
Prolactin (Day 3-6)
Oestradiol (Day 3-6)
AMH (Day 3-6)
Progesterone (Day 21)
Free T4

The tests which the Male Pre-selection & Sub-fertility Panel contains are:
Comprehensive Semen Analysis (Must be booked with TDL Andrology)

Sperm DNA Fragmentation (Must be booked with TDL Andrology)
Magnesium (Whole Blood)
Zinc (Whole Blood)
Antioxidant status (total activity not profile)
Total Testosterone

Treatment Protocol

 6 * 30 minute Treatment sessions/nutritional supplementation £816 package price- payable at time of follow up consultation.

The couple will be booked in for 6- 30-minute treatment sessions with Mr. Gajadharsingh over a 3-month period. The number of treatments allocated to each partner will be determined at the follow up consultation.

All couples will be required to take prescribed nutritional supplements from Solgar/NutriLink for a period of 3 months unless contraindicated through their medical history or blood tests.

Individual Price of Treatment Protocol

6-30 minute treatment sessions £130*6 = £780

Nutritional Supplements- £120 Male, £120 Female

Total cost of individually priced components  is £1,020 so the treatment package is a 20% discount to our normal prices.

Additional Consultations

Some patients thought to have difficulty with relaxing or deep rooted sub-conscious patterns, may be referred to a hypnotherapist based in London.

Some patients may require individual exercise programmes given by Ms Tiziana Lunardi, Physiotherapist, based at The Health Equation.

Additional consultations are charged separately

 For further information  email or call our practice Manager Mrs Susie Gajadharsingh on 020 7631 1414.

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