Specialist Referral

Sometimes it becomes apparent during the case history or clinical examination that the cause of the patient’s problems may well be pathological and not functional, when conventional medical intervention may be more appropriate. This may be confirmed by diagnostic imaging or laboratory testing arranged at the Diagnostic Consultation. In such cases Gerry will liaise, with the patient’s permission, with the patients GP (NHS or Private) or refer the patient to an appropriate private medical specialist for further opinion or specialist investigation. Having worked in London’s medical district for over 30 years he has built up a formidable list of medical contacts, recognised as leaders in their respective fields in medicine.

As a Consultant ENT surgeon I see many patients with difficult to manage symptoms in the head and neck.  I have found Mr Gajadharsingh’s advice and care for my patients first class over many years.  I always find his opinion very concise and his holistic approach to patients’ problems is enormously helpful.
Mr J P Harcourt FRCS, Consultant ENT Surgeon
I have seen Gerry a number of times in the last 15 years after flare-ups, generally caused by skiing, and every time his treatment has been highly effective. Last year, I again injured my back in a minor skiing accident; causing a partial loss of function in my right foot – I was referred to a Neurologist and also decided to see Gerry. Whilst the Neurologist was able to diagnose the problem, Gerry actually helped fix it. 10 months later, in February this year, I took part in a 90km skiing marathon in Norway and my back suffered no discernible impact – without Gerry’s treatment I am sure this would not have been possible
Mr. Charles Beach, London
Gerry has mended my body and mind many, many times over the last 25 years. I first went to him to piece me together following a horse racing fall with the instruction to “get me back on a horse as soon as possible”. His practical, no fuss approach, suited my needs at the time and he did just what I asked, very effectively. My needs and his practice have developed a long way since then, but his ability to diagnose and find the right treatment is second to none. I always feel better following a session with Gerry and, if I have a friend in pain, whatever the condition, Gerry is the first person I recommend they go and see.
Mr. John Sunnucks, Dorset