About The Health Equation

When looking for a healthcare provider, it is good to know that The Health Equation  has caring, partnership and excellence as its core values.  Equally important is finding a clinician who is prepared to dig deeper than the obvious; to look beyond the presenting problem and provide long-term advice and treatment to maximise our future well-being.

Mr Gerry Gajadharsingh DO qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 1987 and founded The Health Equation in 2004.

Naturally, he is regulated by the GOsC, his regulatory body and follows strict professional ethical codes and  carries his own professional indemnity/medical malpractice insurance.

The Health Equation is a private healthcare clinic in the heart of London. We take the time to carefully assess you, so we can get to the root cause of any problems you may have. We provide an open environment, where you can discuss your health in detail and learn more about your individual needs and treatment options.

By combining both conventional and complementary medicine, we consider our patients’ as a whole; taking into consideration your body, mind, energy level, memory, diet, routine and posture. An initial Diagnostic Consultation at our private health clinic, in London, will allow us to create a thorough picture of your health and lifestyle, and provides a unique diagnosis alongside a treatment plan that’s specific to you and your needs. Assuming there is enough time left over during the consultation, treatment may be commenced, especially with acute presentations, with the consent of the patient.

81% of our patients self pay for their consultations and treatment (The Health Equation Patient Survey 2014). The remainder are covered by a variety of private medical insurance providers. Please note that we DO NOT deal directly with insurance companies. We ask that you pay for your consultations with us directly and then claim back from your respective insurer, assuming that you are covered. We suggest that you contact your respective insurers BEFORE you make an appointment to make sure you are covered and can claim back our fees.

Mr Gajadharsingh DO is registered with most health insurance companies excluding AXA PPP, VITALITY and BUPA UK,