Metabolic Balance Nutritional Programmes

There is no doubt that having a “balanced varied diet” is necessary for good health, but what does this mean? We all have unique metabolisms, so what is balanced and varied for one may not be for another.

Gerry Gajadharsingh lectures extensively in Europe, in Osteopathic Medicine, and was told about Metabolic Balance by some of his German colleagues in 2008.

Metabolic Balance is an innovative nutritional programme set up by Dr Wolf Funfack, a German internal medicine doctor. His company has performed over 700,000 programmes world-wide, and are now looking to expand into the UK healthcare market. It is based on sound science, and it fits in with Gerry’s philosophy of treating the patient as an individual.

Dr Funfack hypothesises that for many people, the issue affecting many of our metabolic disturbances lies in our excessive consumption of simple carbohydrates. The science shows that the eating of simple carbohydrates causes a short spike in blood sugar, but elevation of insulin in the blood for several hours.

This has several detrimental effects, including:

  • increase in fat deposition
  • hormonal changes
  • cravings
  • elevation in cholesterol and triglycerides
  • increase in blood coagulation

Choosing carbohydrates with a low gylcaemic load, and increasing the proportion of protein and good fats, has significant health benefits, including reaching an optimum body weight.

The Metabolic Balance Programme is geared towards motivated people who really want to improve their health.

A side effect of the plan is that it often helps people lose weight, by improving their metabolism; interestingly it helps increase weight in underweight people.

Increasingly, the nutritional needs of patients have become a very important factor in resolving their health needs. Clinical nutrition was part of Gerry’s undergraduate training at The British School of Osteopathy, which has been complemented by taking Nutrition and Advanced Pathophysiology Masters Modules as part of an MSc programme at The European School of Osteopathy. He has also attended numerous nutritional educational seminars provided by Solgar and Genova Diagnostics, and more recently has formally become a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach. He is also one of two official Metabolic Balance Lecturers to UK based clinicians.

So how does it work?

During an initial Consultation (New Patients need a full Diagnostic Consultation charged at our normal rates) Gerry will gather the data necessary  and arrange a blood test, a 1MBR which measures Haematological/biochemical and certain hormonal markers for Thyroid and Pancreatic Function, we also now include HbA1C (a 3 month glucose marker) and VitD25OH to assess Vitamin D levels. This data is then entered into a sophisticated software programme based in Germany and an Individual Nutritional Programme generated. You are then invited back for a 60 minute follow up consultation to discuss the blood results and the programme and how you will implement it. All patients also receive a Comprehensive Functional Blood Analysis report to help explain the blood test results. Abnormal results are discussed and medical referral arranged if appropriate and necessary. You are then supported through a 3-month programme with another 5 follow up consultations to help your metabolism change. All patients are offered a follow up blood test between 3-6 months after the programme is completed. We have also now included  6 additional 30-minute follow up consultations lasting 6 months after starting your programme to keep you on track and to discuss the results of the follow up 1 MBR blood test.

Please note that MB UK require us to offer Metabolic Balance programmes as a package, we cannot offer individual parts of the programme. The majority of the costs associated with it are front loaded. Once you have paid for the programme in advance and had the initial blood test, the cost of the programme is non refundable. So please make sure you are able to make the commitment before you proceed. Once the initial blood test is completed you have 3 months to start the programme. Once the programme is started you have 6 months to complete the programme.

The integrated approach means that just looking at nutrition, even though he believes metabolic balance to be the best nutritional programme he has come across in 30 years of clinical practice, may not be enough. Behaviour is often the key.

Anxiety patterns can have a profound impact on physiology/metabolism, especially through altered breathing behaviour. Some patients may need a proper breathing evaluation, which can be offered via a capnotrainer.

For more ingrained behavioural issues/addiction, patients can be referred to expert hypnotherapists/psychotherapists.

Interestingly, too much exercise can be counterproductive! The programme suggests that for the first 2 weeks of the programme you do very little exercise, until your metabolism begins to change. After that period, it may be that a good structured exercise programme may be helpful. For those patients who are unsure about an appropriate exercise strategy, it may be helpful for you to see our exercise specialist affiliated to The Health Equation.

Sam Bearfoot- The Digestive Detective has released a 45 minute interview with Gerry Gajadharsingh focusing on the benefits of Metabolic Balance. If you wish to find out more details of this innovative nutritional programme to help balance your metabolism you can access the following:

Mr Gerry Gajadharsingh provides the  6 month Metabolic Balance Individualised Nutritional Programme at The Health Equation. This includes the 1 MBR blood test, Functional Blood Analysis, 7 follow up consultations, follow up 1 MBR blood test and repeat Functional Blood Analysis.

The patient who’s data is provided anonymised in the above document has kindly consented for us to share this in order to help other patients with metabolic syndrome including Type 11 diabetes.

Please see the link above for details on the 3 different Metabolic Balance programmes that we offer at The Health Equation including our new Level 1 modified 3 month programme for Patients who have previously completed a Metabolic Balance programme and would like an updated programme or for those patients who feel they are motivated enough to need less support and who do not want the end of programme 1 MBR blood test or revised functional blood analysis.

A recent audit of 20 patients undertaking Metabolic Balance at The Health Equation

  • 67% of patients who were taking medication at the start of their program were able to stop or reduce their medication by the end of the 3 month program
  • All patients presented with multiple symptomatology, not just for a program to lose weight
  • The average weight loss at the end of 3 months was 7.5kg, approximately 9% of starting body weight
  • An average weight loss of >5% after 1 year is defined as a successful weight loss program

I was recommended by a colleague of mine, who had gone to see Gerry after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes; within a couple of months my colleague had brought this under control simply by changing his diet. This made me extremely curious, I had not previously heard of metabolic balance®, and as I had begun to develop Heberden’s nodes on one of my fingers, I wanted to see if by simply changing my diet to what my body required in terms of nutrients would make a difference. On the first meeting, not only did Gerry make me feel extremely relaxed, but he was very engaging and encouraged questions. Within the first 3 weeks of starting my individual metabolic balance® programme, the nodes had completely gone. I continue with the diet of food that my body requires, and I have seen so many changes.I highly recommend Gerry and look forward to a follow-up session very soon.

Myra Lyons

After 20 years of yoyo dieting, starting out at 8 stone trying to get back to 7.5 stone and systematically dieting myself up to a very unhappy 17.5 stone and into poor health, I was exhausted and lacking energy and motivation.  In August 2019 I fell and broke my spine and was close to giving up ever trying to lose weight again.   It was at this point that a friend recommended me to seek Gerry’s help.  It was to be a major turning point in my life.   For the first time in years I have energy and wake up feeling I am ready for the day.   I am exercising again (having historically been a runner and a squash and tennis player) after 5 years of no energy to do anything other than sit at my desk and work.  I have a long term back injury as well as the break that has kept me incapacitated and in pain which is now benefitting from the weight loss, with significant reduction in pain enabling me to undertake gentle exercise (it feels great).

I have now lost 2 stone, in less than ten weeks.  My blood pressure has dropped from very high daily readings to now consistently being in the NHS ideal range.  My GP was becoming very insistent about my taking blood pressure tablets again, no more!   What is even more amazing to me is that I feel I have a way of eating for life.  I have stopped grazing all day and night, I eat at mealtimes and feel full, I feel like I have been released from a constant need for food to balance my energy levels and my emotions, I was imprisoned by food and now I am back in control. Because of Covid I haven’t seen my family for weeks till we had a socially distanced chat this week and my Son’s first reaction was “what happened to you Mum, everyone else is putting weight on in lockdown and you lose it and look amazing”.  I feel amazing.   Thanks Gerry, I feel I have an exciting and healthy future to live and this is only the start of what I know I am going to achieve.   I couldn’t have done this without your outstanding advice, guidance and coaching, you have quite literally changed my life for the better. ”

Judith Cashmore-James Staffordshire, Your Content Goes Here