2402, 2017

Fasting diet could prove the cure for type 2 diabetes

Fasting diet could prove the cure for type 2 diabetes Times Online Tom Whipple, Science Editor Gerry Gajadharsingh writes:  “Interesting research, but intermittent fasting is something that we have been dong with the Metabolic Balance Nutritional programme for at least 10 [...]

2608, 2016

Sitting Up-The Paris Review

Sitting Up August 23, 2016 | by Witold Rybczynski  The Paris Review Arts & Culture Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: "What a lovely review, sent to me by one of my lovely patients. The closing sentence is food for thought “Sitting up is always [...]

1808, 2016

Ready, steady, go for a bigger, better brain

Times Online Jonathan Leake, Science Editor Gerry Gajadharsingh writes:  This research looks at the positive effect of exercise on brain function. “For most people, physical health and brain health once seemed to have little connection. This has been changed by [...]

208, 2016

Alarm over rise of teen hermits

The Times Sian Griffiths Gerry Gajadharsingh writes:  Having three children I can relate to some of what is being said below. It reminds me of a chat I had with my son Max when we were driving once when he [...]

1907, 2016

Theatre: Elegy, Donmar Warehouse, WC2

The Times Ann Treneman Gerry Gajadharsingh:   The following article was sent to me by a patient, it’s part of my research for my new book, one of the chapters is about medical communication or rather miscommunication. I haven’t seen [...]

2706, 2016

NHS wasting millions on pointless midlife medicals

Times Online Chris Smyth, Health Editor   Gerry Gajadharsingh writes:   A government requested study of almost 50,000 people into NHS health checks offered to millions of middle aged people found that only one in five of the over-40s bothered [...]

1006, 2016

Lifestyle Changes Can Dramatically Cut Cancer Incidence

Roxanne Nelson, BSN, RN Medscape Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: This large study from the USA again supports lifestyle modification to reduce cancer risk. The analysis included 89,571 women and 46,339 men, of whom 16,531 women (18%) and 11,731 men (25%) were [...]