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1306, 2018

Sleep disorders may predict Alzheimer’s disease

Medical News Today Ana Sandoiu Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: “Sleep disturbance is very common and sometimes difficult to manage. Sleep is critical of the repair processes of the body and mind to work effectively. This research looks at the biomarkers [...]

1306, 2018

Even slightly higher blood pressure is dementia risk

Kat Lay Health Correspondent The Times Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: “We have known for a while that high blood pressure increases the risk for developing dementia, this research suggests that even a marginally increased blood pressure also increases risk in [...]

1306, 2018

Brain’s cleaning system raises dementia hopes

The Times Tom Whipple Science Editor Gerry Gajadharsingh writes:  “One of the principles of Osteopathy is that “The Rule of the artery is supreme”, what this means is that circulation to and from a structure is critical for the [...]

3105, 2018

Weekend Sleep-in May Lower Mortality Risk

Deborah Brauser May 25, 2018 Medscape Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: “Like many people I see, I don’t get enough sleep during the week (long working hours etc it’s a hard life!). I tend to catch up at weekends, especially if my wife [...]

3105, 2018

Just an hour a week of exercise can reverse mental decline

Oliver Moody, Science Correspondent The Times Mr Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: “Whilst we wait for medical research to come up with a medical treatment for dementia (we have been waiting a long time), the research below suggests that for older people [...]

3005, 2018

Pelvic Exams May Not Be Needed

New York Times BY RONI CARYN RABIN Mr Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: “Partly given the climate that we now live in clinicians are questioning the use of pelvic examinations on women as part of health screening. The research below suggests [...]

3005, 2018

Time to Abandon the Digital Rectal Exam?

Fran Lowry Medscape Gerry Gajadharsingh writes:  “Digital rectal Examination (PR or Per Rectal Examination) was taught to undergraduate osteopaths and medical students (at least it was in my day!). It has been used in health screening for a long-time, [...]

2505, 2018

Cliff-death singer was tormented by pain

David Brown Chief News Correspondent The Times Gerry Gajadharsingh writes:  This is a tragic story tells us that chronic pain is really badly managed by both patients and clinicians. Without knowing the details it’s difficult to know if this [...]