Diagnostic Consultation

Diagnostic Consultation

The Diagnostic Consultation uses complementary and conventional medical approaches to assess your health and consider you as a whole – body and mind.
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Health Screening

Many people are reactive to their health concerns. They develop symptoms which lead them to seek help. It may pay to be more proactive.
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Metabolic Balance

There is no doubt that having a “balanced varied diet” is necessary for good health, but what does this mean? We all have unique metabolisms.
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Private Health Clinic in London

The Health Equation is a private health clinic in London. Fill out our online booking form and you will be offered an available appointment. The Health Equation is the trading name of Gajadharsingh Limited a company registered in England and Wales with number 06541376 and having its registered office at 195A Kenton Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA3 0HD

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Key benefits to use The Health Equation

Expert Diagnostics to find out what is really wrong with you with a leading clinician who practices integrated medicine. A unique system of Diagnostics and Treatment providing solutions for many 1,000’s of patients with complex health problems.
Reassurance that many of our patients are referred by London’s leading GP’s and Medical Specialists for a more functional approach to help solve their patients’ problems. Our clinicians care and take time to listen to get to the root cause of your problem. Our clinicians are highly experienced in helping patients manage lifestyle change to optimize health. The Health Equation is a clinic whose core values are Caring, Partnership and Excellence

Multi disciplinary treatment options which include Osteopathy, Nutrition/Metabolic Balance®, Breathing Re-Education, Exercise & rehabilitation, Massage and Medical Acupuncture. The Health Equation use an extremely holistic/integrated approach to solving health problems using the best of conventional and complementary medical approaches.

By combining both conventional and complementary medicine, we consider our patients’ as a whole; taking into consideration your body, mind, energy level, memory, diet, routine and posture. An initial consultation at our private health clinic, in London or Amersham, will allow us to create a thorough picture of your health and lifestyle, and provides a unique diagnosis alongside a treatment plan that’s specific to you and your needs.
Whatever sport you participate in, and whatever level you participate at, there will inevitably come a time when injury occurs. Early treatment of injury is key for rehabilitation and long-term recovery. The Health Equation Clinicians, all with a background in sport, have a better knowledge of how injury occurs, which vastly improves the assessment and treatment of a sports injury.
Mr. Gerry Gajadharsingh at The Health Equation’s London Fertility Clinic, offers a unique programme to develop individual holistic treatment strategies for couples with medically unexplained sub-fertility (about 30% of all couples who have difficulty conceiving).