3107, 2019

One small glass of juice a day linked to cancer risk

The Times Rhys Blakely Gerry Gajadharsingh writes:  "I’ve written a lot about fruit juices before and I think most people are getting it, but here is the latest regarding a small glass of orange juice and cancer risk. Drinking [...]

1507, 2019

Billions wasted on developing needless medicines

The Times Tom Whipple, Science Editor Gerry Gajadharsingh Writes:  “Most medical funding into research goes into drug development, Big Pharma is big money. Whilst its important that medication is as safe as it can be, most new drug treatments did [...]

306, 2019

Mild Hypothyroidism Being Overtreated, Avoid Pills, Says Panel

Nancy A. Melville Medscape Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: “Endocrinology (hormones) are complicated. Lots of people, when they don’t feel well, say “it’s my hormones doc” the suspected culprits in many cases are thyroid and female hormones related to the menopause. [...]

2705, 2019

High Juice Consumption May Up Mortality Risk

Medscape Norra MacReady Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: "I remember several years ago having a “chat” at an Osteopathic conference with a colleague who simply refused to believe that fruit juice and smoothies were unhealthy, so you see even health professionals [...]

2304, 2019

Nightmares, neuroscience and the secrets of sleep

In his sleep clinic, consultant neurologist Guy Leschziner observes our weird night-time behaviour. He diagnoses dangerous sleep disorders that could kill us — and encounters the odd faker Helen Rumbelow The Times Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: “As I often say [...]

1304, 2019

Caloric restrictions improves memory in elderly humans

Medscape Witte AV; Fobker M; Gellner R; Knecht S; Flöel A Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: "Whilst the research below looks at calorie restriction, I suspect that there are other mechanisms that are now better understood that may also be helping to help with cognitive decline. [...]

1304, 2019

Novel Intervention May Reverse Alzheimer’s Memory Loss

Novel Intervention May Reverse Alzheimer's Memory Loss Pam Harrison Medscape Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: “Although this research was conducted a while ago, I thought I’d flag it up to emphasise some important points about managing cognitive decline, focusing on Alzheimer’s [...]

2603, 2019

Are eggs bad for your health again?

The Times Peta Bee Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: “Not this old chestnut again! Make of it, what you will. I continue to recommend eggs as part of a balanced diet (for most people) but limiting them to 6 per week, [...]

2603, 2019

Tumours ‘grow after feeding on (sugary) fizzy drinks’

The Times Tom Whipple, Science Editor Gerry Gajadharsingh writes: “Sadly, the title does not reflect the research, which is about sugar feeding tumour growth not drinking fizzy drinks. I put sugar in brackets. It focuses on colorectal cancer in [...]