Diagnostic Consultation

Our Diagnostic consultant use complementary & conventional medical approaches to assess your health:


Our Practitioner team offers a wealth of clinical experience in the following disciplines

Metabolic Balance

There is no doubt that having a "balanced varied diet" is necessary for good health, but what does this mean? We all have unique metabolisms so what is balanced and varied for one may not be for another.


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Private Health Clinics in London and Amersham

The Health Equation is a private health clinic in London, with a satellite clinic in Amersham, Buckinghamshire where we take the time to carefully assess you so we can get to the root cause of any problems you may have. We provide an open environment where you can discuss your health in detail and learn more about your individual needs and treatment options.

By combining conventional and complementary medicine we consider our patients’ as a whole, taking into consideration your body, mind, energy level, memory, diet, routine and posture. An initial consultation at our private health clinic in London or Amersham will allow us to create a thorough picture of your health and lifestyle and provides a unique diagnosis alongside a treatment plan that’s specific to you and your needs.

Our core values are Caring, Partnership and Excellence, our aim is that these values underpin all that we do at The Health Equation.


Fertility Clinic

The aim of the programme is to develop individual treatment strategies for couples with unexplained sub-fertility. Read More

Breathing Re-Education

Our emotions influence our breathing patterns and just as importantly, Our breathing affects our emotions. Read More

Sports Clinic

Whatever sport you participate in, and whatever level you participate at, there will inevitably come a time when injury occurs. Read More



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